Background of SRI-LMB

The AIT ( has begun an EU-financed project entitled: “Sustaining and Enhancing the Momentum for Innovation and Learning around the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in the Lower Mekong River Basin” ( events/2012/news/ait-signs-agreement-with-eu-for-3-4-million-euro-project). The main objective of the project is to contribute to enhance resilience of rainfed small-scale farmers of Lower Mekong region confronting climate change. The project implementation period is for 60 months with a total cost of action approximately 3.4 million Euros.

The project idea seeks to stimulate local innovation using SRI and Farmers’ Field School (FFS) approaches involving smallholder farmers in rainfed areas of LMB countries in order to sustainably improve agricultural productivity and food security in the context of climate change adaptation, and to enhance research capacities to continue to support this development. {more detail..}

Objectives of SRI-LMB

  • Development of multi-institutional multi-stakeholder network from local to regional level
  • Development of science-based pro poor profitable crop management practices in four (4) Mekong River Basin Countries (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand)
  • Dissemination of co-generated knowledge and learning and development of pro-poor policy briefs with emphasis on women and landless.
  • Strengthening of national research-extension capacity and training capacity of farmer trainers, national trainers and local extension personnel involved in smallholder farmer extension programme.

Partners & Associates

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