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  • 2018 (March 29-30). National Workshop and Farmer Congress, Uttaradit, Thailand
  • 2016 (December 16). Thai farmers experience on SRI. 4:01 min. SRI LMB channel, Youtube.
  • 2011 (July 4). Duck Rice Farming. 0:40 min. Supersup300 channel, YouTube.
    [Video of ducks being used to weed an SRI field in Thailand.]
  • 2011 (June 17). Rotary Weeder. 0:34 min. Supersup300 channel, YouTube.
    [Thai language video demonstrating use of a single-row, manual rotary weeder in an SRI field.]
  • 2007 (March 14). Living Labs: Mekong River Basin. 5:02 min. Produced by TVE Asia Pacific. TVEAPfilm channel, YouTube.
    [English language video explaining the efforts of the Asian Institute of Technology and Thai Education Foundation – a small grant project under CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food -  to teach and spread SRI via weekly Farmer Field Schools and promote SRI as a response to Thailand’s increasing water shortage.  Also features farmer testimonials.]