Call for Proposal for Research

The Asian Centre of Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (ACISAI) has been implementing an European Union-financed project entitled: “Sustaining and Enhancing the Momentum for Innovation and Learning around the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in the Lower Mekong River Basin” (SRI-LMB) since 2013. The project’s overall objective is to contribute to enhance resilience of rainfed farmers of Lower Mekong River Basin countries confronting climate change. The project idea seeks to stimulate local innovation using SRI and Farmers’ Field School (FFS) approaches involving smallholder farmers in rainfed areas of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand in order to sustainably improve agricultural productivity and food security in the context of climate change adaptation, and to enhance research capacities of the research institutions to continue to support this development.

As per the mandate of ACISAI Center, the Center aims to strengthen one of the thematic areas of the AIT Research Strategy, i.e., “Sustainable Land and Water Resource Management (SLWRM)” by consolidating expertise within and outside institute for co-learning, co-generation and adoption of solution that addresses the local, regional as well as global needs. The SRI-LMB provides opportunity to initiate this engagement by involving students, faculties, and researchers along with SRI-LMB stakeholders. This becomes more relevant in the context of Paris Agreement and the provision of Green Climate Fund for accelerating the adaptation work.

To translate this initial ideas, we propose attached set of possible research topics, but not limited to, for collaborative engagement. The proposed topics, which is centered around the theme of the SRI-LMB project, are encouraging perspective research students to come up with a page of research abstract and submit it to ACISAI through their advisors. ACISAI’s would select outstanding research proposal for providing need-based financial support as per institute policy and procedure. The following are the proposed research topics:

  • Identify low carbon rice practices in the Mekong Delta
  • Quantify and assess the GHG emission in System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and conventional management practices and connect to carbon market
  • Study the climate change affecting land use in the Mekong Delta: Adaptation in rice based cropping system
  • Identification of best practices for rice cultivation conforming higher resource-use, techno-economic and environmental efficiency
  • Studying root plasticity and developing matching management practices for climate proofing and healthy ecosystem services
  • Studying crop productivity and resource use efficiency to ensure food security and environmental quality using System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Mekong delta
  • Comparison of arthropod diversity under different water regimes for rice production and its impact on ecosystem balance
  • Effects of SRI guided management practices on incidence of brown plant hoppers, stem borers and other insect-pest of rice crop ecosystem
  • Studying the pattern of socio-economic changes among different group of farmers due to adoption of SRI practices in the Lower Mekong River Basin courtiers
  • The role of gender in southeast Asia for sustainable agriculture intensification

Further information could be obtained from ACISAI Office (e-mail: ; ext 5823).